Studio Clock is the accurate timekeeper app you didn’t know you needed

While we have devices that tell the time all around us, some people need to know that time is accurate. Studio Clock is the app that does just that — in fact, it’s accurate to 1/1000 second and has leap second support, too.

While most people might not need to know the exact time, some people very much do. You see these kinds of clocks — in physical form — in TV studios, newsrooms, and airports. And Studio Clock is a great way for YouTubers and podcasters to check the time, especially when streaming live.

Studio Clock isn’t just accurate, but it looks great, too. Designed to look just like those LED clocks that were everywhere in the 1970s and 80s, Studio Clock looks the part. Run this on a big screen for the ultimate in time-telling! Studio Clock can be had via the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Turn your room into a professional studio with this clock that provides you the most accurate time, up to 1/1000 second. (+ leap second support)
Design and animations are inspired by the LED clocks from the 70s, still used by radio & television studios, airports, and more.

Want a more immersive experience? Enable the pips each quarter hour, half hour or every hour and turn up speakers to enjoy the Greenwich Time Signal (GTS) just like the one on the BBC radio stations.

Sound like something you could make use of? You can download Studio Clock from the App Store now. It’s a free download with in-app purchases available.

Now I think about it, an iPad mini would definitely be the best iPad for running Studio Clock. Maybe the new one would be a bit overkill, but an old one would be perfect!

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