Nomad launches MagSafe version of Base Station Mini wireless charger

Nomad is out with a solid update to a great charging accessory.

Today, the company announced the Base Station Mini Magnetic Charger, the successor to the Base Station Mini. The new version features compatibility for Apple’s MagSafe charging technology.

The new Base Station Mini ensures the perfect alignment every time with magnets that align with the MagSafe magnets in your iPhone. This makes it easy to find the charging spot, whether you’re too busy reading an email or just trying to get back to sleep. Just feel for the magnetic snap to place and keep doing what you’re doing.

iMore has reviewed the original Base Station Mini and, if the new version is anything like the original, Nomad and wireless charging fans should have high expectations.

The new version is everything owners have loved about the previous Base Station Mini, but adds in the magic of Apple’s MagSafe charging technology. With the new charger, Nomad has added support for charging up to 15 watts with MagSafe and the magnetic connection for guaranteed optimized charging.

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The charger still, of course, supports Qi charging at lower speeds for charging other wireless accessories like AirPods or AirPods Pro.

You can check out the full feature list of the new Base Station Mini Magnetic Charger below:

  • Magnetic padded leather surface
  • Up to 15W wireless power
  • Single device charger
  • USB-C power input
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night

The Nomad Base Station Mini Magnetic Charger is on sale now for $70 and is available directly on the Nomad website.

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Read more at iMore.

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