Apple invites customers, iPhone Upgrade Program members to prepare for iPhone 13 preorders

Ahead of a start to iPhone 13 preorders on Friday, Apple is accepting iPhone Upgrade Program pre-approvals for iPhone 13 and allowing those not in the program to prepare for checkout.

Typically, Apple activates the loan pre-approval process for new and existing iPhone Upgrade Program members hours after the latest iPhone is announced, streamlining the cumbersome process in preparation of a hectic launch to preorders.

The company has once again opened the pre-approval process, but is also allowing other customers to make preparations ahead of Friday.

The process starts in the Apple Store app for iOS and Tapping or clicking on the “Get “Ready” button next to iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro takes users to an order page where they can choose and configure their preferred device model. Customers can elect to attach the iPhone to an existing line or purchase a new handset to be provisioned to a new line.

Apple asks for trade-ins before moving on to payment options, which include paying in full or paying a monthly fee.

Those paying in full are asked whether they would like AppleCare+ coverage prior to confirming their order. Tapping “Get Ready for Pre-Order” brings up a options to confirm a carrier, browse iPhone accessories and select a payment method.

Members of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program will select a monthly payment method, which includes Apple Card monthly installments, the iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple iPhone Payments and carrier specials. Tapping the “Get Ready for Pre-Order” button presents similar selections to those listed above with the exception of the iPhone Upgrade Program, which shows an option for loan pre-approval.

In both cases — full payment and monthly payment — carrier information is confirmed and customers are instructed to return on Sept. 17 to check out.

The process saves precious minutes that could mean the difference between a launch day unit or delayed delivery.

Apple’s iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max will be up for pre-order on Friday, Sept. 17, at 5 a.m. Pacific. Orders are due to arrive on Oct. 24.

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